Are you completely stuck in the middle of your design project? Did you have a vision and start to implement the design and it is not coming together the way that you had envisioned? This package is for you!

-schedule a video call with me to go over your project! Tell me what your vision was and what you have already purchased, and I can help you bring it all together! This package includes 4 hours of design time with Amy Cortell Interiors for a fraction of the full service design cost!

-The call counts as part of the four hours. You can ask me any questions, request floor plans for your space (you must provide measurements), mood boards, shop-able links, etc. My time is all yours for four hours!

-No consultation needed, no consultation fee on top of package price!



Are you wanting to renovate your space but don’t know where to start? This package is for you!

This is our e-design package that leads you through every phase of the design process from start to finish.

- two to three idea boards
- moodboard (up to two revisions if needed)
-shop-able links to the items on the boards
-space planning for your items
-photoshopped images of items into your space (with photos you provide).

Consultation required, but no separate fee will be charged on top of the package price.

$625 per room

full e-design package

in home consultations

Ask as many questions as you would like! This is for us to get to know each other and for me to learn more about your project! I will outline some loose ideas for your project but there will be no technical drawings or shop-able links taken away from the consultation. The design consultation is required for the full service design package.

$150 FOR 2 hours

full service design

This service is the best for large projects! Full service design includes, but is not limited to site visits, materials selections, hands on interactive meetings with Amy Cortell Interiors, and design boards! This is the best for remodels, or new builds. Project management is key in large renovations and new builds. This best serves local clients or clients who would be interested in paying a travel fee for Amy Cortell Interiors to be present at the job site.

$125 per hour

mood board

floor plan

idea board