what is e-design?

My services lean toward a budget conscious clientele. E-design is a straight forward design process that allows you to have a designer right at your finger tips whether your project is big or small!

Why choose e-design?

Benefits include getting to work with the designer of your choice regardless of location, cost, convenience, and social distancing guidelines!

how does it work?

You get a two hour consultation one on one with me in person (if you are local, or pay a travel fee if not local) or via zoom. The consultation allows me to hear about what you have in mind for your project, and for me to make suggestions for your project on what I think will give you the biggest bang for your buck, and the best outcome for your overall design goals.

After the consultation a contract is sent over to you within 48 hours that outlines your scope of work that I think is necessary for your project. This allows you to see everything itemized out, and to see that estimated total hours and cost for your project! The contract also outlines important agreements that protect you and I!

After the contract is singed and the retainer is paid, a digital welcome package will be sent over that includes:
1. How to take photos of your space to share with me!
2. Measurement instructions (so we can make accurate renderings to ensure every thing we source fits your home perfectly).
3. A prompt to share any inspiration photos

let's get to work!

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